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Tweetsweet Campaign
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About #tweetsweet

This campaign was created to challenge students to spread positive messages through online social networks. With the rapid increase of technology, cyber-bullying has grown into a national wide issue. Social network sites are where cyber-bullying is produced but just like these sites can be used for harm, they can also be used for good. This is where #tweetsweet comes in.

By adding this hashtag to a positive tweet, picture, comment etc. said to someone else or about someone else on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook it will send out positive content out into the online community. This hashtag will help follow this movement and at random one lucky user will be rewarded with a pair of Toronto Maple Leaf tickets to a home game at the Air Canada Centre. The tickets will be given out twice a month for the remainder of the 2014-2015 season. So #tweetsweet might get you sweet seats!

About April

aboutApril-picDuring the 2013-2014 season April was cyber-bullied through Twitter after her husband James Reimer (Toronto Maple Leafs goalie) was not performing up to standards on the ice. Since her husband does not have a Twitter account, fans decided to take out their frustrations on her. In addition to her Twitter attack that made national news, she also had “frustrated fans” calling and texting her personal cell phone number, without identifying themselves.

In response she is taking what others intended for pain and turning it into something positive. She started the #tweetsweet campaign challenging students to say positive things online and in return using her resources to reward students for contributing to a healthy online community.