This week’s winner of the #tweetsweet tickets was @andytoronto. Andy was so kind and wanted to make this campaign even sweeter so he donated his #tweetsweet tickets to another charity called Kids Up Front Toronto. This organization gives out unused tickets to events in Toronto to families who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to go.

Due to Andy’s generosity, Jen and her son Ashton received the two #tweetsweet tickets. Ashton was really close with his grandfather and the two of them loved to cheer for the Leafs. Sadly Ashton’s grandfather passed away a couple years ago and it has been a challenging time for Ashton. Being able to go to a Leafs game was extra special for him and will be a night he won’t forget.

Here is what they wrote in to #tweetsweet:

“Ashton had a blast!!! Although the Leafs lost… Ashton hasn’t stopped talking about the game…. Thank you so much for giving my son this opportunity!!! The best part of it all, Ashton got a hat from the game and he wants to go place it and one of the tickets on my dad’s grave site (his own idea)

Thank you so much!!!”


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