Thank you very much to Mrs. Reimer and the #tweetsweet campaign for visiting Springfield Public School to speak at our assembly! It was an incredible opportunity for our students and it was sincerely appreciated.

April’s presentation was very appropriate and engaging for all of our Junior students. Her introduction to the #tweetsweet campaign had all the students interested and paying attention from the moment she introduced herself and explained why she was there. She injected humour into her presentation (James Reimer covered in hearts was hilarious!) and immediately had all the students listening carefully to her words.

Throughout the interactive assembly, April had a high degree of student involvement that kept their interest which allowed her message to resonate with them. The most poignant part of her presentation was having students read some of the hurtful tweets she had received in order to reinforce the importance of being positive online. Students remarked afterwards that her illustrating that point really enlightened them to the fact there is someone at the other end of a device and how hurtful words can be.

The #tweetsweet campaign she presented had a powerful and lasting impact on our students! April’s engaging message had students listening very carefully to the importance of being positive online ALL the time. She emphasized the lasting impact of tweets, messages, and photos and how they can follow you as part of your digital footprint. Student’s eyes were opened to the fact that a silly message now could haunt them into adulthood.

In addition to emphasizing the importance of using social media for positive reasons, April used an EXCELLENT acronym, CYBER, to offer assistance to students who are being bullied whilst online. Since her visit, students have said how they easily remembered it and know how to use it.

The lasting effect of April Reimer’s visit was the positive impact she had on our school community. She encouraged students to write a “sweet tweet” to another classmate so everyone received one and we displayed them for others to read. It has become a lovely bulletin board that students stop and admire to read the “tweets” and see a positive message about themselves. It is so nice to see how treating one another as you would like to be treated has had a positive impact on our students.

April’s well organized, creative, and interactive presentation is one I have recommended to other teacher friends as I strongly believe her #tweetsweet campaign is vital for students entering our digital world.