I had such a fun week as I got the opportunity to visit 7 schools:

Thank you to all of the schools this week for making me feel so welcome. I had a great time sharing my message, taking pictures with students and signing autographs (I even signed a forehead today! haha)

The main message I keep hearing from principals and teachers is that cyber-bullying is becoming such a big issue at a younger and younger age. Some schools want their younger grades in my presentation and it is surprising when I ask how many students have a cell phone, even the young grade 4’s are all raising their hands! I got my first cell phone at 17… these kids are way cooler than I was at their age!!

Including drugs, alcohol, and teen pregnancy, there is a statistic out there that cyber-bullying is the biggest issue for parents right now. Not all kids will get involved with the issues that were first mentioned, but now-a-days most students have a cell phone and will be exposed to cyber-bullying at some point (either becoming a bully, becoming a victim or witnessing it). Our world runs through technology, so students having a cell phone isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just making sure they know how to use it properly and not forgetting that someone else is on the other side of the screen.

Also this week it was so encouraging to receive tweets from parents who said something like “My child came home from school today telling me that James Reimer’s wife was at their school, and that led into a discussion with my child about how to use our phones properly”. #tweetsweet is more than a hockey ticket giveaway… It is about creating a discussion of how to treat others online or shed light on what is currently happening online between students and even at times between adults. Tweet the way you want to be tweeted!

I’m looking forward to visiting the next 7 schools next week!