I am so excited to finally launch the #tweetsweet campaign! What started off as a small idea has grown into a full campaign to hopefully reach students, hockey fans and everyone across Canada.

Last season when I was cyber-bullied on Twitter a lot of people wanted to know my side of the story. But I knew that if I spoke out then, the spotlight would be on me and it would turn into one big pity party. Instead, I wanted to put the spotlight on the problem because I am not the only one who this has happened to and sadly I don’t think I will be the last. I may get cyber-bullied even more for this, but I would rather be mocked for doing the right thing than for sitting by and not doing anything.

I want to use my negative experience and turn it into something good so that what happened to me didn’t happen for no reason. Social media networks are not bad in of themselves. Just like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can be used to knock people down; it can also be used to build people up. It’s a choice each of us has to make.

#tweetsweet is a way to reward those for speaking up and using their social media accounts for good. It is really simple how it works. Say something positive to someone else or about someone else. If it would make them feel good to read it or would make their day, tweet it and add the #tweetsweet. Through a random selection process I will give out a pair of Toronto Maple Leaf hockey tickets to a home game at the Air Canada Centre to one lucky user that uses the #. I will do this twice a month for the remainder of the 2014-2015 regular season. So #tweetsweet might get you sweet seats!

In addition to the online contest I will be speaking in public schools about this issue. I do not charge the schools a fee to come; I just need a willing school/audience to listen to what I have to say.  The talk is 20-30 minutes long and I go into more detail about my experience on Twitter and also the other half of the story that not many people know about. Leaf fans are very passionate and some managed to get my personal cell phone number to text and call me without identifying themselves. In my talk I explain to the bully what the law says about their actions online, I encourage those who have been cyber-bullied and I challenge those in between who see it and can do something about it through #tweetsweet.

This blog will give updates about the schools that I’m visiting, share the experiences of those who win the #tweetsweet tickets and also give a platform to those who have been cyber-bullied. Please feel free to email me your story/experience and I would love to give you a voice through this blog.

So get those #tweetsweet’s out there and lets make the online community a better place to be!

— April